Topics / Special Sessions

  • Accessibility and Connectivity Transport Systems
  • Biodiversity Policies and Strategies
  • Circular and Green Economy
  • Cross-Border Cooperation and Inter-Regional Cooperation
  • Environmental Rights and Legislation
  • Inter-Organizational Cooperation
  • Migratory fluxes – Strategies, Management and Planning
  • Natural Based Solutions
  • OCDE Sustainable Development Goals
  • Public Management
  • Renewables Energies
  • Smart Cities
  • Sustainable Culture Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Planning
  • Sustainable Tourism Management
  • Territorial Governance and Strategies

Climate Change Adaptation (Organized by Julian Mora Aliseda and Jose Cabezas)

Cross-border Cooperation (Organized by Rui Castanho and Luís Loures)

Design for territorial sustainability (Organized by Vera Barradas and Ana Viegas)

Ecosystem Services (Organized by Jose Martin and Carlos Pinto Gomes)

Forest Fires (Organized by Artemi Cerdà)

Land Dynamics (Organized by Julian Mora Aliseda and Jacinto Garrido)

Landscape Reclamation and Redevelopment (Organized by Luís Loures)

Nature Based Solutions (Organized by Thomas Panagopoulos and Luís Loures)

Sustainable Agriculture in Mediterranean Environments (Organized by José Nunes and Luís Loures)

Accessibility and Territorial Development (Organized by Jesús Ventura and José Naranjo)

Information Technology Solutions Using Sensors and Monitoring (Organized by Valderi Leithardt and Gabriel Villarrubia Gonzalez)